Lake Central Airlines, Richmond Indiana ~ 1950

In 1950, one person could fly in a Douglas DC-3 from Richmond’s Airport to these cities.
Round trip fare to Chicago; $27.70
Round trip fare to Indianapolis; $8.70
Round trip fare to Grand Rapids, Michigan; $35.30
Round trip fare to  Louisville, KY; $21.70
U.S. Airlines Plane & local Monger Moving & Storage Co.

Richmond Municpal Airport

DC-3 Photo Source


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2 Responses to Lake Central Airlines, Richmond Indiana ~ 1950

  1. Mark Moyer says:

    I have such vivid wonderful memories of Lake Central airlines and its DC-3s that used to serve my town of Lima, Ohio. My dad would drive me out to the Allen County Airport and I would stand, nose to the fence, watching as the "giant" silver airliner would dip down and land, sputtering up to the ramp and parking right in front of me. I remember the crew in their hats doing the fueling, baggage and checks, and I would practically hold my breath for the moment when those old round engines would turn over and sputter to life with a cloud of smoke. The highlight, of course, was the awesome takeoff run down the little runway. The moan of the engines would increase, the tail would lift up off the ground, and the big plane would grudgingly take to the air and head to destinations like Columbus, Toledo, or who knows where.
    I truly miss those good old days and will carry those memories with me forever.

  2. Phil Brooks says:

    Thanks for publishing this! The Lake Central reunion is tonight (9/15/12) in Indy at the Wyndham by the airport. Gone since 1968, they’re still having reunions!

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